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Robot Name [PishRobot]Vase Watering Robot
Inventor Name Alireza Jafari
Writer ID pishrobot
Submit Date 2018-12-30 02:12
Hit 78회
Robot Charactertic Hi! My name is Alireza Jafari. I’ve made a vase watering robot to participate in STEAMCUP Online competition. This robot could water the vases when we could not do it by ourselves. This robot works with a 9- volt water pump. To use this robot, we have to press the start button of the controller to the number of days we want to water the vases. The ability of this robot is that it can be tested before the program starts. We should turn on the controller for testing and put our hand on the IR sensor until turns the pump on then we could check out that robot is working properly. Another ability is that we can water more vases by adding holes on the pump hose. For example we want to go travel for 4 days. We should press the start button for 4 times. Thanks for your attention and I hope you would like my robot.
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