STEAM Education Association is a non-profit organization which strives to pave the way for education convergence using robotics and is established with the goal to foster multi-talented people.

Our main business is focused around but is not limited to bringing together members and member companies to build and cultivate international friendship through various events, to operate and propose policies in the mutual benefit of our members, and to share information through conferences, society, and publications.

In hopes to expand the awareness for robotics, STEAM’s main business is the STEAM CUP, a robotics competition. Sub-businesses include educational consignment business, fostering and certifying specialized robot teachers.

In the near future, there will be greater demands for multi-talented people with converged thinking ability and problem solving skills, and with the know-how of our members and member companies our STEAM Education Association hopes to help and to foster multi-talented people through robotics.

STEAM Education Association would like to ask for your continued support of our efforts and most importantly your participation.

Thank you.
Byoung Soo Kim
Chairman of Association