Award Winners

STEAM CUP - 2018 May - Int`l Division

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Writer John Kim Date18-06-18 14:25 Hit286회


    Congratulations to all our May contest winners!

Creative Technology Award
Robot NameHi Tech Saving Box
Made byQuah Jia Hang via Robotclub_malaysia
Creative Artwork Award
Robot NameCandle Making Robot
Made byAbolfazl Modirroosta via Pishrobot
Engineering Award
Robot NameSpeed Meter
Made byTan Jun Onn via Robotclub_malaysia
Group Award
Team NameRobotclub_malaysia

** Currency is USD.

** Creative Technology is awarded $200 worth in pts.

** Creative Artwork and Engineering is awarded $75 each worth in pts.

** Group Award is awarded $100 worth in pts.

** Points are non-transferrable and cannot be refunded or changed into cash.



** Awards will be offered in pts [points] good to use on ROBOTIS online shop.  


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