Award Winners

STEAM CUP - 2018 April - Int`l Division

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Writer John Kim Date18-05-09 15:12 Hit346회


       Congratulations to all our April contest winners!

Creative Technology Award
Robot NameArtificial Ankle
Made byRaimandBot Group via Pishbot
Creative Artwork Award
Robot NamePainter Robot
Made byMohammad Madinei via pishbot
Engineering Award
Robot NamePiggy Bankq
Made byRijal via id_robotiskidlab
Group Award
Team NamePishbot

** Currency is USD.

** Creative Technology is awarded $200 worth in pts.

** Creative Artwork and Engineering is awarded $75 each worth in pts.

** Group Award is awarded $100 worth in pts.

** Points are non-transferrable and cannot be refunded or changed into cash.



** Awards will be offered in pts [points] good to use on ROBOTIS online shop.  


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