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작품명 [eRc] Food Delivery Robot
창작자 L*i Onn Boue
등록ID robotclub_malaysia
춤품일 2020-10-05 19:24
작품설명 Robot name : Quarantine area food delivery robot Inventor name : Lai Onn Boue Centre : e@Robotclub Mount Austin, Johor FB : https://www.facebook.com/erobotclub.m... Robot characteristics: On 18 September, Malaysia government reported that over 600 Malaysian healthcare workers have been infected by Covid-19 since February 2020. Lai Onn Boue designed a robot that would deliver food autonomously to patient under quarantine. This would reduce the infection risk of Covid-19 to healthcare workers. This robot will perform line tracing and will stop at patient room once both left and right detect black colour simultaneously. Then the robot will make a buzzer sound to inform the patient that the food is ready to be pick up. Once external sensor detects food has been pickup, it will move to next patient room. Meanwhile, the food on the tray will drop to pick up location due to robot movement vibration and gravity. The robot will U-turn and return to base at the end of line when IR center detect obstacle. This robot can also be used to pickup empty food tray/waste and deliver other things to person under quarantine. #STEAMCUP,#STEAMCUPOnline,#ROBOT
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