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작품명 [eRc] Ice Making Machine
창작자 S*assveer Selvanathan
등록ID robotclub_malaysia
춤품일 2020-10-05 19:14
작품설명 Robot Name: Ice Making Machine Inventor Name: Shassveer Selvanathan Centre : e@Robotclub Butterworth Robot Characteristics: My Name is Shassveer Selvanathan, I'm from e@Robotclub Butterworth. This is Ice Making Machine. This car can go to the north pole and produce ice to save the polar bear, because north pole ice is melting. so this car can go to save the north pole. This Robot can go into sea & river to collect the water and produce ice into the polar reign , to save polar bear. The water will collected from the front of the car, then in the center have the ice making machine will turn water into ice, then after the ice already process, the ice will came out from the back. #STEAMCUP,#STEAMCUPOnline,#ROBOT
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