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ROBOT Information
Robot Name Harvesting Robot
Inventor Name ROBOHUB
Submit Date 2022-02-18 18:58
Robot Charactertic KIT: ROBOTIS DREAM II School Set Highest quality crops need to be harvested at the right stage to ensure their peak of maturity. That is why, determining the maturity and harvest time is a very important and difficult task for farmers. But now, things will become much easier with ROBOHUB's "Harvesting Robot". The most outstanding feature of this design is the application of sensor technology in every process, the robot will move back and forth, then use the sensor continuously to evaluate the size of the crops. When they are qualified, the Harvesting Robot will automatically harvest, transfer them to the trucks on a conveyor system and take them to consumption. An amazing robot, isn't it? Let's watch the video to see how Harvesting Robot works.
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