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ROBOT Information
Robot Name [eRc] Army Robot
Inventor Name Sashin Nagin
Writer ID robotclub_malaysia
Submit Date 2021-09-18 16:42
Robot Charactertic Robot name : Army Robot Inventor name : Sashin Nagin Centre : e@Robotclub Alma (managed by Robokidz Alma Centre) Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/RobokidzAlma Robot characteristics: This Army Robot is a army robot that can defeat enemies and save soldiers from being hurt. This robot utilizes the IR sensor to detect enemies and use a servo motor for hitting motion. It is built by using Robotis parts (gear motor, servo motor, CM-150 controller, battery, plates) The 2 gear motors are used to control the basic movement of the robot (forward, turn left & turn right). The robot will follow the black line by using IR sensors detection at the bottom of the robot. The front IR sensor also will detect any enemy in front of the robot and then the arm will hit the enemy. This robot can be improved to control by remote controller in the future. #STEAMCUP #STEAMCUPOnline #ROBOT
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