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ROBOT Information
Robot Name [eRc] Color Sorting Machine
Inventor Name Evan Teoh
Writer ID robotclub_malaysia
Submit Date 2020-06-03 14:32
Robot Charactertic Robot name : Color Sorting Machine Inventor name : Evan Teoh Robot characteristics: Hi, My Name is Evan Teoh, 13 Years old from eRobotclub Butterworth. I've made this Invention, the Color Sorting Machine. is to make by color much more easier and faster. Now i'm going to introduce my Color Sorting Machine. when i push the start button, the Port 1 Gear motor will move which make these chains move under the controller. The Controller uses it's IR center sensor to sense the color. If it's Black Port 2 Gear Motor will not move, If it's White will move and will make the White Block fall into other direction. I use 2 x Gear Motor, 1 x CM-150 Controller and 1 x Battery. Let me demonstrate how it works, once i put this Black Block, it will just move till the end,however if it's a White Block, the Port 2 Gear Motor will move and make it fall in the other direction.
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