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ROBOT Information
Robot Name [eRc] Coin Sorter & Counter Ro
Inventor Name Yap Min Enn
Country Oversea
Writer ID robotclub_malaysia
Submit Date 2020-01-30 17:16
Robot Charactertic Robot name : Coin Sorter & Counter Robot Inventor name : Yap Min Enn Centre : e@Robotclub Mount Austin by Masterline Technologies Robot characteristics: Given all the coins as change from canteen uncle in school, Yap Min Enn came out an idea to build a coin sorting and counting robot. She builds a slide with 3 holes based on coin size for sorting 50 cents, 20 cents and 10 cents. When the coins go into respective holes, the IR sensor will detect it and the counter written in R+ Task will do the addition and display the sum on the Output of Program.
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