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Robot Name [eRc] Robokidz Dreamz Band
Inventor Name Muhammad Nazri Nizaruddin
Country Oversea
Writer ID robotclub_malaysia
Submit Date 2019-09-17 18:51
Robot Charactertic Robot name : Robokidz Dreamz Band Centre : e@Robotclub Kulim Inventor name : 1) Quah Jia Hang 2) Muhammad Nazri Nizaruddin B.Bakar 3) Lim Jing Xien 4) Praveein Paramanathan 5) Quah Pei Xuan Robot characteristics: These robots participated in SIRIM INVENTION, INNOVATION & TECHNOLOGY EXPO 2019 on 16-18 April 2019. COMPONENTS: 1) Assembly: Robotis Dream 2) Coding: RoboPlus Task 3) Functions: a. Remote control & IR Receivers (for synchronized startup) b. Servo and Geared Motors (for parts/arms movement) c. Timer logic (for sequence counting) d. CM150 Controller (the 'brain' to execute the automation) e. Rechargeable battery (as source of power) OVERVIEW: - Playing music base on song "Payphone" by Maroon 5 - Drummer Robot: Consists of 2 servo motors and 2 geared motors to beat the drums and cymbal, base on timer. - Xylophone Robot: Consists of 1 servo motor and 1 geared motor to hit the xylophone, base on timer. - Keyboard Robot: Consists of 2 robots playing the keyboard autonomously with high and low tunes. - Combining all to produce an interesting mix of music. APPLICATION / COMMERCIALIZATION: Musical Robot can be used….. - As an additional background sound for solo musician. - As a training aid for beginners to practice the music beats and rhythm. - As an supporting musical player for disabled person.
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