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ROBOT Information
Robot Name [eRc] Puppy from Muar
Inventor Name Gabriel Goh Jun Hao
Country Oversea
Writer ID robotclub_malaysia
Submit Date 2019-06-06 18:29
Robot Charactertic Robot name : Puppy Inventor name : Gabriel Goh Jun Hao Robot characteristics: I am 7 years old and I am in LEVEL 2. I use a switch, battery box, gear motors and cross horn to make this robot. e@Robotclub HQ's comment : Gabriel made a standard model using ROBOTIS Dream Kit, it is not a creative. But this video is recorded by his mummy at home, his mother is very impressed his son is managed to speak English and presented his project in front of camera now, this will not happened before he join e@Robotclub course. e@Robotclub HQ appreciated parent's effort to share students' progress from time to time, thumb up for our coach's never give up attitude to develop students' confidence at Muar, she is teacher Jojo....
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