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Robot Name [eRc] Remote Cleaner Robot
Inventor Name Yong Zi Qi
Writer ID robotclub_malaysia
Submit Date 2019-05-31 21:55
Hit 112회
Robot Charactertic Robot name : Remote Control Cleaner Robot Inventor name : Yong Zi Qing Robot characteristics: This robot helps the physically handicapped people who are not convenient to do house work. Robot consists of 1 CM-150 controller, 4 wheels, 2 servo motors, 2 DC motors, main body, cleaner arm and a cleaner spin roll. 2 DC motors are connected to rear wheels for basic robot movement. 1st servo motor is connected to the cleaner arm to move the arm up and down. 2nd servo motor is connected to the cleaner spin roll which attached to the cleaner arm. This servo motor is used to spin the cleaner spin roll while cleaning the floor. The robot is controlled by remote control with IR receiver. For future design, we can create a cleaner robot with dual mode which is remote control mode and fully automated mode.
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