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Robot Name [PishRobot] Rolling Valley
Inventor Name Parsa Mousavi
Writer ID pishrobot
Submit Date 2018-12-30 02:09
Hit 91회
Robot Charactertic I wanted to make a car which can pass through the valleys without any bridges. But this car has not been able to pass through the valleys, since the weight of the front part doesn’t allow the wheels to get in touch with ground. So, I have to increase the weight of the rear side of the car until it can pass through the valleys, although if the weight of the rear part become heavier it may fall down valleys. Suddenly, some good ideas came to my mind: The weight should first beat the rear of the car and when the front part of the car goes forward, it moves forward to maintain the balance. Part 1: right now the weight is on rear of the car, so when the front part is on the valley, the weight of the rear part make the car easily pass through the valley. Part 2: when the sensor detects the edge of the desk (valley) the controller gives command to the motor and then the motor releases the ratchet and the weight moves to the front by a rubber band or a spring. Part 3: Now the weight is in the front of the car, so the rear part of the car can easily pass through the valleys. This car can be used in areas where there is no bridge or even in moon or mars.
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