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Robot Name [PishRobot] Mars Rover Robot
Inventor Name Iliya Ghaed
Writer ID pishrobot
Submit Date 2018-10-30 01:40
Hit 197회
Robot Charactertic Hi! My name is Iliya Ghaed Ali. I’m 6 years old. I’ve made a rover. I’ve used a rubber band for acts like a shock absorber and makes my robot movable. I’ve put two triangles here that act like a bumper and wheels get stuck on it. I’ve also put another triangle here to hold this higher. The rover is placed inside rocket and when it arrives to mars, it lands with a parachute on the surface of mars then its camera and antenna will open automatically. It captures video with this camera. This is its satellite antenna. It sends videos to earth through this satellite. Also this is its video antenna and when it arrives to space, orders from the earth are received by it. There is no human beings on this rover and it is controlled from the earth. I put this part to balance it and when the robot wants to move on rocks it can maintain its balance. This is a battery holder and this is its key. When the rover wants to return to the earth, the camera and its antenna will be retracted and placed inside the rocket.
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