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Robot Name [eRc] Bankbot
Inventor Name Khoo Zi Ming
Writer ID robotclub_malaysia
Submit Date 2018-09-30 23:39
Hit 156회
Robot Charactertic Student's Name - Khoo Zi Ming Robot Name - Bankbot Robot Product - OLLO Inventor kit Robot Characteristics - I am 13 years old. Today I would like to introduce my robot which is called Bankbot. It is made with OLLO Inventor kit, and consists one touch sensor, one servo motor, one gear motor, one controller and battery. The touch sensor and the servo motor are inputs for password, and the gear motor controls the door. There are three password in sequence to open this Bankbot. You have to turn the knot to correct password, then press the touch button. The Bankbot will play different melody to show you wheter the password is correct or wrong. If any password is wrong, you need to start the procedure all over again. Once the three passwords are input correctly, the door will be opened. Then you can press the touch sensor again to close the door. Thank you for watching. I hope you like my robot. See you again!
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