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ROBOT Information
Robot Name [PishRobot] Path Finder robot
Inventor Name Mohammad Madinei
Writer ID pishrobot
Submit Date 2018-09-30 01:09
Hit 134회
Robot Charactertic Hi! My name is Mohammad Madinei. I’m from Pishrobot and Tehran. I’m 14 years old. I have a robotis mini kit. It’s a humanoid robot with 16 Dynamixel motors and an open CM-9 controller. I developed my robot by adding a compass sensor. This sensor sends numbers that it detects to an Arduino PCB and then Arduino sends this numbers to open CM-9 controller then controller sends commands to all motors. This is Arduino board and this one is a compass sensor. I put LEDs to show Directions and a button for reset. I’ve written a program so the robot follows a specific path. Because the robot is not configured, it just moves around itself but when I press the button and specify the straight path, the robot goes straight and every time I indirect it, the robot returns to its straight path. I’ve participated in FIRACUP IRAN 2018 competitions with this robot and awarded second place, also the third place in STEAMCUP IRAN 2018 competitions. Thanks for watching and goodbye!
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