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Robot Name [PishRobot]Candle Making Robot
Inventor Name Abolfazl Modirroosta
Writer ID pishrobot
Submit Date 2018-05-31 17:50
Hit 153회
Robot Charactertic In the name of God! My name is Abolfazl Modirroosta. I’m 12 years old from Iran. I’ve made a candle making robot. Candles are very important from past till present day. When the electricity was not invented, the candles were used for lighting. The candles are used in religious ceremonies of joy and sorrow as well as in churches and mosques. My robot has become intelligent by programming. Let’s see how the program works together. At first the wick is down then the servomotors change their position and this part pours the paraffin into the glass. This robot is capable of industrialization and can make 100 candles instead of a candle. I have used the rail mechanism to produce a large number of candles. In this robot I have used a CM-530 controller, 8 AX-12 servomotors, a DC motor, 2 touch sensors and a driver. With the human touch, the essence is poured into the glass and then wick is scissor and candle is ready. Thanks for your attention!
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