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ROBOT Information
Robot Name [PishRobot] Artificial Ankle
Inventor Name RaimandBot Group
Writer ID pishrobot
Submit Date 2018-04-30 23:38
Hit 218회
Robot Charactertic Our group is named Raimand Bot. We have learnt Robotics in Raimand Robot Classes. We have made an Artificial Ankle with 2 degrees of freedom. We have used 2 crank mechanisms to make it. My name is Zahra Ebrahimzadeh and I participated in the programming section. I am Mobina Bloukasli and I was also in programming team. Hi, I am Helia Ardalani and I helped my friends to build and assemble this frame. This is Helsa Ardalani. I am Helia Khodaverdi and I have modeled parts in Solidworks software. I am Elina Aghtaei and I have helped my friend to design and model the parts. I’m going to show you the movement of this robot to see how it works with 2DOF. One DOF is for stepping ahead and the other DOF is for balancing while walking. We would like to develop this robot. We are going to use position data to adjust the angle automatically. Thank you!
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