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ROBOT Information
Robot Name [PishRobot] Painter Robot
Inventor Name Mohammad Madinei
Writer ID pishrobot
Submit Date 2018-04-30 19:47
Hit 193회
Robot Charactertic Hi! My name is Mohammad Madinei in 7th grade. I have made a painter robot that can paint with watercolor. First, I thought that all the painter robots paint with pencils, pens, markers and there isn't a robot painting with watercolor. so I wanted to make a new thing and I created this robot. This robot is made using ROBOTIS MINI and OLLO ACTION parts, CM-9 controller and 5 XL-320 actuators. The robot is programmed with R+ motion. The first thing that the robot drew was a square then I added a triangle above it and it turned into a house. Let’s see how robot works together! Thank you for watching and goodbye!
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