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Robot Name [eRc] Sensor Belt for Blind
Inventor Name Vel Prasad Chettiar
Writer ID robotclub_malaysia
Submit Date 2018-04-17 00:11
Hit 176회
Robot Charactertic Vel Prasad Chettiar is a e@Robotclub student from Port Dickson. Today, he invented a 'SENSOR BELT FOR THE BLIND' using ROBOTIS Dream education kit. This product he named as Sensor Belt for The Blind . It is a waist belt made for the blind people . It is operated by 2 sensors. The front sensor is IR Centre of controller CM150 and the back sensor is using IR Sensor. When a blind person wear it and walk, , it make sound. When something / someone very close to the person. So, the person can know something or someone is in front or at the back approaching him /her, and can take action accordingly or avoid. Vel Prasad knew robotics is not used for playing, indeed he suppose to use what he learnt to help the necessities peoples
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