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Robot Name [PR] SLR (3rd Helping Hand)
Inventor Name Hiva Iravani & Fateme Sadat
Writer ID pishrobot
Submit Date 2017-11-30 19:11
Hit 163회
Robot Charactertic Hi! “SLR” is a wearable robotic limb that provides more activity to its user. In fact, this robotic limb cannot replace the lost biological limb but it expands existing organs’ capabilities. The robot is attached to the waist as a 3rd helping hand. The robot can carry a cell phone and a notebook with the ability to adjust the angle of view. Adjusting the appropriate location of the robot and its accessories has been achieved by applying three degrees of freedom via 4 AX-12 Dynamixel actuators. The robot controller is CM-530 and the links that are attached to each joint are made of PVC material. Thanks for your attention! Hiva Iravani & Fateme Sadat Alavinia
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