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Robot Name [eRc] Robot Mars
Inventor Name Ethan Kang & Ng Yi Ron
Writer ID robotclub_malaysia
Submit Date 2017-11-29 20:21
Hit 239회
Robot Charactertic Hi, we are Ng Yi Ron & Ethan Kang Kian Ming from e@Robotclub Subang SS19, our coach is Dave Yong fromIIR Robotics. Robot Characteristics: We had built this set of robot with ROBOTIS Dream Level 1 & 2. Through this project, the Rover Robot is using chain by connecting with 2 motors. Therefore, Rover Robot is easy walk on the soft sand or rough surface and the area of the force distribution is wide compared using Tyre. My friend Yi Ron is using ROBOTIS Dream level 1 to build the operation tower. The purpose is to connecting and send signal between Mars and Earth. Beside that, it also is a research center for study any object that found in Mars where carried by my Rover Robot. The reason why we made doing this project is because the inspiration from SpaceX and Nasa space company. The reason they choosing Mars as a planet for our human new habitat is soil contains water to extract, it isn't too cold or too hot, enough sunlight to use solar panels and the day/ night rhythm is very similar to our earth. We are confident you will like our projects.
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