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ROBOT Information
Robot Name Theme Park
Inventor Name Kiranto,Kiera,Vryncess,Felice
Writer ID id_robotiskidlab
Submit Date 2017-11-29 11:43
Hit 178회
Robot Charactertic we are making 3 rabbits and 1 cage. This rabbit called Fluffy, two rabbits is twin. they called Lola and Loli. fluffy is the biggest sister, Lola and Loli is the small sister. They like to play together. Lola and Loli like to grow to the roof. They take to the roof is so much fun. They like dancing play together, sometimes they felt down, ouch ouch. Fluffy come to help and sleep in the cage everyday sometimes. Lola when told have resistance she like to sleep on the roof. She think in the roof so hot better than in the cage. In the afternoon they always didnt together.
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