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ROBOT Information
Robot Name Funny Zoo
Inventor Name Robotiskidslab Indonesia
Writer ID id_robotiskidlab
Submit Date 2017-10-30 13:18
Hit 231회
Robot Charactertic Christopher, Carrie, Vryncess, Dwayne, Kathleen in ekstracurricular at Little Sun School who organized by Robotiskidslab Indonesia. This is our car, so when you tired in the zoo, you can take to the car.If the zoo so dirty you can turn on the vacuum cleaner. This is giraffe that cannot walk and called "Felice". This giraffe like to eat grass, heavy long tail, so tall. i'ts bestfriend called Funny Zoo. This vacuum cleaner is very useful. If you just throw the trash in the ground, the ground have a robot and the robot can tahe your trash away.
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