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Robot Name [PR] Palletizing Manipulator
Inventor Name Z. Daryagasht and S. Nazari
Writer ID pishrobot
Submit Date 2017-09-28 22:09
Hit 208회
Robot Charactertic Hi! This is Zahra Darya Gasht and Saba Nazari. We have learned about Robotics in PishRobot Classes. We have designed and built a “Palletizing Manipulator”. Actually, our robotic arm is a parallel robot. Comparing to other systems, it has more accuracy, speed and rigidity while undesirable motions are reduced impressively. This arm has 4pcs of Dynamixel AX-12 actuators that two of them are coupled so it means that the manipulator has totally 3 degrees of freedom. Robot controller is a CM-5 that is programmed using RoboPlus Task software. Body made by laser cut Plexiglas and at the end of arm, we have a magnetic gripper energized by a solenoid. So it can simply grip and drop metal objects. In other side of our demonstration project, we have designed a motorized clamp using one Dynamixel AX-12 so it closes and opens within a pre-specified time. This device is designed to securely hold the metal objects for robot arm operations like milling, punching, etc. Thanks for your attention!
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