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ROBOT Information
Robot Name Hida Kamioka high school the Neutrino ARM
Inventor Name Hideki Nakamura
Writer ID smd_dynamizer
Submit Date 2017-08-02 19:35
Hit 220회
Robot Charactertic Hideki Nakamura, a teacher at Gifu Prefectural Hida Kamioka High School, developed a low cost master - slave ROBOTARM "New Trino ARM" teaching material using ROBOTIS XL 320 and CM 9.04 for systematic learning of robot technology.
The purpose of learning is as follows.

① Designing arms with 3D-CAD
② Output with 3D printer
③ Design of sheet metal with 2D-CAD
④ Cutting output with CNC
⑤ Soldering of electronic circuits (microcomputer)
⑥ Programming (Arduino)
Learning materials of systematic engineering skills for high school

Completion Hida god original teaching material
Designed with 2D-CAD and 3D-CAD, machining by 3D printer and cutting.
Study soldering and programming with Arduino compatible OpenCM 9.04-A.
Robotis XL 320 is small and inexpensive but command servo, so you can finish master slave at the end!
It is nice to be able to do this less than 20,000 yen for educational materials.
Students will be interested too! What?
But something cute ❤ ️
As a result of such consideration, a wonderful teaching material like the attached one was completed.
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