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ROBOT Information
Robot Name [e@Robotclub] Car Security Camera made by Jian Wei, a brilliant cheerful boy
Inventor Name Chin Jian Wei
Writer ID robotclub_malaysia
Submit Date 2017-07-31 16:44
Hit 91회
Robot Charactertic Student's Name
- Chin Jian Wei, a brilliant cheerful boy from e@Robotclub Kota Damansara.
Robot Name
- Car Security Camera
Robot Product
- ROBOTIS Dream Level 2 kit
Robot Characteristics
- I am 12 years old, and today I made Car Security Camera. I built the camera holder with controller, gear motors and battery. And I use a smartphone as the camera. Then I also built a car and a stranger with remaining parts.
When you leave your car in the car park, you can put the holder on top of your car. Then put the smartphone on the holder.
Once you press the start button, the robot start spinning until a stranger gets close to your car. The sensor will sense the stranger then the motor will move the stylus pen to take photos of the strangers.
When the stranger walks away, the robot continue spinning.
Robot Video
Student’s Comment
In this project, I faced some difficulties, such as how to balance the battery and smartphone.
And the position of the stylus pen is also one of the difficulties.
But with guide from teachers and some trials and error, I finally solve all problems.
Thank you for watching and I hope you like my project.
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