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Congratulations to our July winner!


Kelveen from Malaysia







Winner Kelveen

Robot Name Wall-E-A Ball Collector Robot

Robot Product : OLLO

Robot Characteristics :  Uses the basic OLLO robot system to create a ball 

                                  collecting robot. The robot traces the line and 

                                  collects the balls as it moves along.


Top 4 Finalist of the Month




Lee Guan Yeoh presented 

“Automatic Gate System”


Finalist Lee Guan Yeoh

Robot Product : OLLO


Robot Characteristics  The auto-

matic gate robot is controlled using the RC-100 using 1 gear motor, 1 

servo motor, and the LED Module.





Hew Teck Meng’s Swing Robot


Finalist Hew Teck Meng’s

Robot Product : OLLO


Robot Characteristics  

With two simple gear motor from 

OLLO Explorer Kit, Teck Meng 

created a interesting "Swing Robot" which could make his life full of fun and relaxing.




Cheah Wen Jie’s Candy Dispenser


Finalist Cheah Wen Jie

Robot Product : OLLO


Robot Characteristics    

Uses the touch sensor to drop the 

candy. Size can be adjusted using 

the button.




Huey Yong’s Robot Bird can 

transform to Robot Car


Finalist Huey Yong

Robot Product : OLLO


Robot Characteristics 

A transfer bird that traces lines and can transform into a car with a few twitches.



** Currency is USD.

** Winner is awarded $200 worth in pts, and the 5 finalist are award $50 worth in pts.

** Points are non-transferrable and cannot be refunded or changed into cash.

** Awards will be offered in pts [points] good to use on ROBOTIS online shop.

** This competition will be combined with the Korean competition starting 2015.01.01.
** Only 5 submissions were made this month. Drew and ID_RobotisKidLab have been omitted from this competition due to internal reasons.





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