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Iran Open STEAMCUP is an annual open robotic competition organized by PishRobot since year 2013.
The competitions was formerly named BIOLOID Competitions and since 2016 the name has changed to Iran Open STEAMCUP with new leagues and rules.

PishRobot educates robotics and STEAM concepts from kindergarten ages to university levels.
PishRobot also offers Educational Robot kits, platforms and parts to students, schools and universities.

PishRobot as an official partner of STEAM EDUCATION Association in Iran has started holding the yearly competitions of STEAMCUP so Iranian students would have the opportunity to participate in this international event.
Robotic fans and PishRobot`s educated students from different cities of Iran and nearby countries participate in this event.
STEAMCUP of Iran has different events and leagues like KIDSLAB Creative Demo League, ROBOTIS Creative Demo League and Humanoid Olympics.
Humanoid Olympics includes games like: Running, Penalty Kick, Basketball, Weight Lifting, Maze Solving and Obstacle Run.
PishRobot organizes this event to test participants knowledge and STEAM skills, let them share the ideas with each other, enhance their skills and gain the experience for more advanced competitions like FIRA and Robocup competitions.







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