2020 STEAM CUP Online Competition Winner Interview #3

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Writer Lucy Oh Date20-09-28 13:26 Hit2,533회


Congratulations to the Winner of the STEAM CUP Online Competition for July 2020! 


Q. Congratulations on winning the July 2020 Steam Cup Online Competition. Can you introduce yourself?
A. Hi, I am Vicenza Meunasah Lonny, a 11 years old girl from Pekanbaru, a city at Riau of Indonesia, I am a school student from SD Negeri 039 and has been
 attending e@Robtoclub Sumatera course since 2019.

Q. How did you know about the STEAM CUP Online Competition and what makes you participate in the event?
A. My coaches always show us a lot of videos in the STEAM Cup Online, I am so impressed and hopefully could submit my video project also. In 2019, I have 
joined 11th STEAM Cup Malaysia and gained a lot of experience, I love robotics, I always love to design and program my robot.

Q. Could you give us a brief explanation of your robot? (which you participated for the July event)
A. I built a motorcycle robot this time. You will be curious why girl like motorcycle, this is because the traffic flow at Pekanbaru always very heavy and we spent 
longer time on the road transportation. To save our time, we all love to drive motorcycle on the road. I like yellow colour motorcycle as it is bright and suitable lady driver, so I use my Dream II Level 2 Kit to design a motorcycle for myself. 

Thank you STEAM Education to award me a Mini Kit & certificate in 2020 STEAM Cup Online Challenge.


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