2020 STEAM CUP Online Competition Winner Interview #1

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Writer Lucy Oh Date20-08-10 10:21 Hit466회


Congratulations to the Winner of the STEAM CUP Online Competition for June 2020!





Q. Congratulations in winning the June 2020 Steam Cup Online Competition. Can you introduce yourself?
A. Thank you. I am a computer programmer by profession. Robotics is my hobby.

Q. How did you know about the STEAM CUP Online Competition and what makes you participate in the event?
A. I have heard about the STEAM CUP Online Competition from Robotis YouTube channel. This competition is exciting to me because it allows to showcase any robot by anyone without constraints or limitations.

Q. Could you give us a brief explanation of your robot? (which you participated for the June event)
A. I wanted to create a robot which could reach almost any place indoors. For example, climb the wall and toggle a switch or reach the window sill and peek outside. I came up with this relatively simple yet quite versatile idea to use vacuum suction cups both for walking and driving. Later I have added a function to use tools and I have been expanding robot capabilities ever since.


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