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Dear our Valued STEAM CUP 2020 Global Challenge Participants,


The STEAM CUP Education Association would like to inform you that according to the reschedule of the STEAM CUP 2020 Global Challenge due to the recent spread of the Corona virusthe Video Challenge event will also be postponed and set to a later date.


After the STEAM CUP 2020 Global Challenge date is fixed, we will inform you of the new evaluation period.

For those participating teams who have already uploaded the videos, be sure to re-upload them during the new evaluation period.

Thank you for your cooperation.

<STEAM CUP 2020 Video Challenge> 


Upload the video of your team episode on YouTube! For those who participate will get loads of Benefits! For those videos with the Highest Views will get a Flex Awards (Special Awards)! Don’t miss this opportunity to get a Humanoid sponsored by ROBOTIS! * Event Category - Entire team of TurtleBot3 Autorace, Home Service Challenge, and Robot Craft * How to Participate - Be creative to introduce your team and tell us how’s the preparation going! Also don’t miss to tell us your goals and expectation for this event! - Please upload the Video on your YouTube channel in Korean or English! - After Upload, email the YouTube link to (steamcup@steamcup.org) - Email and YouTube Title should follow the format “[STEAMCUP 2020 Video Challenge] (your team name)” e.g.) [STEAMCUP2020 Video Challenge] Team HelloWorld * Benefits of Video Challenge - Common Benefits: For all those team members participating this Video Challenge will be given STEAM CUP 2020 gifts! - TurtleBot3 Autorace and Home Service Challenge: Will be given One Minus Point Exemption Card which can be used during the game. (The Card can be used only once during the entire 1 and 2 mission ) - Robot Craft: Prior to starting the game, your team can change one button to your team’s color (It is only allowed once during the preliminary league) * Flex Awards (Special Awards) - All three target games will be evaluated together. Those top 3 teams with the Highest Views will each be awarded ROBOTIS MINI - Search Word: “STEAMCUP 2020 Video Challenge” will be typed and searched on YouTube and we will check the video views. * Submission and Evaluation Period - Submission is allowed only during (KST) 1st of Feb~ 20th of Feb (2020. 02. 21. 00:00) - Submitted Video may be displayed on the STEAM CUP 2020 Event. 




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