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ROBOT Information
Robot Name [eRc] Autonomous Parking Robot
Inventor Name Ng Po Tian
Writer ID robotclub_malaysia
Submit Date 2020-12-09 20:15
Robot Charactertic Robot Name: Autonomous parking robot Inventor Name: Ng Po Tian Centre : e@Robotclub Mount Austin, Johor FB : https://www.facebook.com/erobotclub.m... Robot Characteristics: Po Tian envisioned a car that can automatically parked when being triggered with a hand clap. Each black line across the road indicates a parking spot. Once the driver sees an empty parking slot, he will make a clap sound to activate auto parking function. The robot will detect the next black line and start reverse parking. Meanwhile, 2 claps will prompt the robot to return to the main road. #STEAMCUP,#STEAMCUPOnline,#ROBOT
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