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Robot Name [eRc] Robotis Classroom
Inventor Name Ng Jun Yao
Writer ID robotclub_malaysia
Submit Date 2020-09-07 19:32
Robot Charactertic Robot Name: Robotis Classroom Inventor Name: Ng Jun Yao Centre : e@Robotclub Alma, Pulau Pinang Robot Characteristics: The objective of this Robot Invention are 1) To enhance classroom learning quality 2) To ease the classroom cleaning activity for better classroom environment 3) To increase interaction between the students 4) To introduce Artificial Intelligent (AI) to the students throughout the robots and robot teacher Robotis Classroom consists of many robots built by using Robotis parts (gear motor, battery, switch, plates). For Smart Duster Cleaner Robot, the DC motor is connected to a big plate (duster). When the switch is turned on, the DC motor will rotate the plate and perform cleaning task on the whiteboard. For future design, we can create a more advance Robotis Classroom with automated sensor system then can react based on the live environment in the classroom.
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