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Robot Name [eRc] ATM Machine
Inventor Name Chew Tian Le
Country Oversea
Writer ID robotclub_malaysia
Submit Date 2019-07-04 19:47
Robot Charactertic obot name : ATM Machine Inventor name : Chew Tian Le Robot characteristics: This is my robot, I call it an ATM Machine. I used 1 battery, 2 servo motors and 2 geared motors. The slide is for putting coins. After the coins slide down, there will be two doors blocking them. If I press the button, the fisrt door will open and one coin will slide in. Then, the first door closes so that when the second door opens, only the coin that passed the first door will go through the second door. The other coins can't go through because the first door will close right after one coin passed it. If I press the button 3 times, the robot will repeat the process 3 times and 3 coins will drop out. The robot will repeat the process according to how many times I press the button. Thanks to my parent for sending me for Robotics class and my teachers for helping me to make my ATM Machine. Thanks you all for watching my vide, bye bye.
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