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ROBOT Information
Robot Name [PishRobot] Kasra's Clock
Inventor Name Kasra Sarafzade
Writer ID pishrobot
Submit Date 2019-01-30 19:38
Hit 79회
Robot Charactertic Hello, my name is Kasra Sarafzade. I am 8 years old and I am in second grade. I have made a robot which is a clock and it`s name is Kasra`s clock. My clock has 2 hand and one of them can move. All of the clocks have one bell, but mine has koo – koo like this one which goes koo – koo , koo – koo, and this clock`s counter can move. This is the back move. This is the back of my clock. This is the key that is connected to another battery, except from this one and the key moves the counter. This is the brain of clock, it moves hand and koo – koo. I have to press it 4 times. Now I want to show you have does it work? My robot works like this. Thank you.
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