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Robot Name [eRc] Auto Fan Spinning Robot
Inventor Name Vinash Shka Rao
Writer ID robotclub_malaysia
Submit Date 2018-07-31 13:51
Hit 106회
Robot Charactertic Student Name: Vinash Shka Rao Robot Name: Automatic Fan Spinning Robot Robot Product: Robotis Dream II Level 1 Center: Robokidz Learning Centre (e@Robotclub Kulim) Robot Characteristics: 1) A geared motor is connected to the rotating-handle of the handheld fan, to spin it automatically. 2) A flat base is fix at the bottom, to provide support when it is put down to stand on the table. 3) A switch is used to turn the fan on and off. 4) Consistent rotating speed, to provide continuous flow of cool air. Comment: A handheld manual rotating fan is converted to automatic rotating fan. This is useful because it free up our hands to do other things.
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