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Robot Name [eRc] Speed Meter
Inventor Name Tan Jun Onn
Writer ID robotclub_malaysia
Submit Date 2018-05-31 19:17
Hit 119회
Robot Charactertic My name is Tan Jun Onn and I used ROBOTIS Dream Level 3 Kit to build a 'Speed Meter' today. Here is how my robot doing? When I enter Physics class in school, sometime I was bored with the teaching material. For example, when learning velocity and acceleration, the ticker timer is used in the lab, but it is not so effective. So I build this robot which can get the velocity of object in more accurately, effective and fun way! The object which moves along the slope will trigger the IR sensor as starting a timer! Then the object will hit the Touch sensor at the end of the slope to stop the timer! Then the time of timer is calculated with the constant distance between the IR sensor and Touch sensor, as get the velocity of the object as result! The calculated velocity will be showed by the gear motor and the acculate data will be printed on the computer screen! I hope in school, teacher can use device like this robot to teach students. It really get students to understand in easier way.
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